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Welcome to the CUNY City College of NY Scholarship Opportunities Homepage.

Below you will find a listing of scholarships available to students with brief information about the scholarship qualifications. To apply to scholarships which require an application, you must first sign in with the same user name and password you use to access the campus login portal. You will then have the opportunity to complete a general application and, if applicable, apply for specific scholarships.

Opportunities Table
Award Name Actions
Up to $6,250 The Moles Scholarship
The Moles Scholarship is designated for a junior that is enrolled in a...
$1,000 - $1,500 ASLA New York Diversity Scholarship
This scholarship is to support an incoming, promising Master of...
$0.00 Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
To qualify, you must be an enrolled Architecture Student at CCNY.
$0.00 Bernard L. Spanier Memorial Scholarship
The scholarship shall be awarded to one or two third-year students in...
10,000 Beyer Blinder Belle Foundation Scholarship
About Beyer Blinder Belle Foundation The Beyer Blinder Belle Foundation...
$0.00 Brooklyn Architects Scholarship Foundation
$500 Carol J Weissman Kurth Women In Architecture
This scholarship is awarded to a fourth-year female student in the...
$0.00 Dean of Architecture Discretionary/Scholarship
Discretionary Fund/Scholarship for Dean of Architecture within Spitzer...
Varies Eastchester Heights Scholarship
$0.00 Frank J. Sciame Fund
To provide sccholarship support for the the City College of New York...
$0.00 Frank Wayde Hall Travel Scholarship
1st yr. $3,500 and 4th yr. $7,500 FXCollaborative Diversity Scholarship, 1st and 4th year
This annual award by FXCollaborative is for one first-year and one...
$4,000 Hollander Design Award
$4,000 Hollander Design Fellowship
For students currently enrolled or matriculating into the Master of...
$2,500 Infrastructure Engineering Inc. Michael Sutton Summer Career Lab Scholarship
Preference is given to provide support to students of African American,...
$3,000 J. Max Bond Scholars Fund
Gift will support outstanding Architecture students, who will work with...
$10,000 Joyce and Irving Goldman Family Foundation
To qualify, students must be majoring in areas of Business,...
$1,000 Lawrence M Hyman Scholarship
To qualify, students must be a sophomore, junior, or senior in any...
$1,000 Melendez Architectural Scholarship
To qualify, student must be in their second year or above in the...
$0.00 Polshek Partnership Scholarship
Scholarship will support students in the School of Architecture
$0.00 The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture
The entire Pledge shall be used only for “enhancements” at the School....
$0.00 Weissman Kurth Perm Restricted
Supports female architecture students.
$0.00 Werber Traveling Fellowship
$2,000 Wittes 66 Scholarship Fund
To qualify, the applicant must demonstrate a minimum 3.5 GPA in a...
$0.00 40th Anniversary BioMed Scholarship Fund
Financial assistance to medical students by awarding scholarships and...
$0.00 Aaron Groveman Memorial Scholarship
The purpose of the Groveman Scholarship is to help promising incoming...
$0.00 Aaron Groveman Memorial Scholarship
The purpose of the Groveman Scholarship is to help promising incoming...
$0.00 Aaron Rosenthal and Estelle Rosenthal Walnick Scholarship Fund
The award is designated for a talented high school graduate from a...
$0.00 Al Moschner/Pella Engineering Scholarship
The Scholarship will award $2,500 to a student (junior or senior)...
$0.00 Alan and Helene Boss Media Arts Production Endowment
One annual $9000 scholarship for a CCNY graduate, selected by a faculty...
$0.00 Albert A. Blum Prize Fund
Scholarship prize for students in the Divison of Worker Education
$0.00 Andrew Grove Biomedical Engineering Fellowships
Fellowship support
$0.00 Andrew Grove Fund
Support Engineering school
$0.00 Barbara Krames Graduate Cohen Scholarship Fund
Annual income will provide scholarship awards to graduate School of...
$0.00 Charles James Mulenforth M Fund
Scholarship support
$0.00 Coulter Undergraduate Scholarship
Scholarship support
$0.00 Dave and Clara Moskowitz Memorial Mechanical Engineering Sch
The Scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding Mechanical Engineering...
$0.00 DMJM+ Harris Sch.Fund
Engineering School scholarship fund
$0.00 Dr. Bernard Levine Program for Graduate Studies in the S
provide support for doctoral students annually, as well as support for...
$0.00 Engineering Fellowships Fund
Funds to be used for fellowships and other purposes in the School of...
$0.00 Esther and Sidney Hersh Fund
Scholarship support.
$0.00 Facebook Cyber Security Fund
support research project “Understanding the Use of Hijacked Facebook...
$0.00 Friends & Family of Richard A. Horan Memorial Scholarship
Scholarship support
$0.00 Georgia Aziza Jiji Scholarship
for a student in the mechanical engineering department who is not an...
$0.00 Herman Badillo Scholarship Fund
To provide scholarship support
$0.00 Jack E. Levy Memorial Scholarship
To help 2 CCNY student engineers who have demonstrated their commitment...
$0.00 James Lammie Endowed Scholarship Fund
As an endowment, The Lammie Scholarship will remain at The College in...
$0.00 Judith Milton Riseman Scholarship Fund
The Riseman scholarship will be awarded to a male and female incoming...
$0.00 Lawrence & Margerat Hauben Fund for Graduate Fellowships
In support Graduate Fellowships
$0.00 Lawrence & Margerat Hauben Fund for Graduate Fellowships
In support Graduate Fellowships